[UCI-Linux] byobu wrapper for GNU screen

Harry Mangalam harry.mangalam at uci.edu
Wed Feb 17 13:14:20 PST 2010

Just found out about byobu - very user-friendly wrapper for GNU 

Sometimes it is convenient to continue a long-running process when you 
have to log out (as when you have to shut down your network 
connection to take your laptop home). In this case, you can use the 
underappreciated [screen] program, which establishes a long-running 
proxy connection on the remote machine that you can detach from and 
then re-attach to without losing the connection. As far as the remote 
machine is concerned, you’ve never logged off, so your running 
processes aren’t killed off. When you re-establish the connection by 
logging in again, you can re-attach to the screen proxy and take up 
as if you’ve never been away.

You can also use [screen] as a terminal multiplexer, allowing multiple 
terminal sessions to be used from one login, especially useful if 
you’re using Windows with PuTTY that doesn’t have a multiple terminal 
function built into it like KDE's [konsole].

For these reasons, [screen] by itself is a very powerful and useful 
utility, but it is admittedly hard to use. To the rescue comes a 
[screen] wrapper called byobu which provides a much easier-to-use 
interface to the [screen] utility. 

More about byobu at:

and from the BDUC user HOWTO, with some examples:

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