[UCI-Linux] Google Chrome native for Linux

Harry Mangalam harry.mangalam at uci.edu
Tue Jun 9 09:03:35 PDT 2009

Google has released a Linux-native version of their Chrome browser.  
I've been using for a couple of days and even tho it's labeled alpha, 
it is /very/ nice.  No flash, no youtube, etc, but for basic browsing 
it's seems about 5 times faster than Firefox and hasn't crashed once 
yet - while FF has exploded about 3 times.

The speed and stability may be due to its ignoring the flash garbage 
littering the web.

Generally well designed (tho with the more primitive looking GTK 
toolkit vs Qt - personal quibble), layout engine works well, 
rendering is very good.  They've definitely taken the 'less is more' 
approach in design.  Some interface tweaks are sure to be coming - 
larger/smaller buttons in some places, better hiliting, 

they've been looking at all the browsers out there - I can see bits of 
FF, Opera, and Konqy in the design.

June 9th version is here:
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