[UCI-Linux] installing Cisco vpnclient for Fedora8 or Ubuntu

jeff stern jas at uci.edu
Mon May 5 09:01:14 PDT 2008

hi, all,

for those who've not done it yet: i found out there are currently some compile 
problems with the UCI Cisco vpnclient for the latest Linux (2.6-series) kernels. 
so, for instance, if you try to put it on the latest fedora8 or ubuntu, etc., 
it won't compile.

i googled a bit and found a patch, and put up some instructions here on using 
it, to save others some time if they run into the same prob:


these instructions are oriented toward fedora8 and ubuntu, but they might help 
you along with other distro's, too.

also, my understanding is that mike iglesias does have this on his radar to 
patch into a future release of the UCI vpnclient for linux.. but for now, this 
should help you get by..

please email me if there are any corrections needed, or if anyone has any 
suggestions for additional info (especially the firewalling part), or a better 
way to do it, etc.  thanks.

jeff stern / sst 629 / 949-824-2326 / jas at uci.edu
social sciences computing services
university of california irvine
irvine ca usa 92697-5100

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