[UCI-Linux] Greg Wilson on HPC, Data, software for non-CS scientists

Harry Mangalam harry.mangalam at uci.edu
Fri Jun 13 14:19:35 PDT 2008

Hi All (and sorry for the spam, if this qualifies as such),
(and, to the rcg) sorry for more heresy :)

Greg Wilson is a computer scientist who 'gets it'.  A lot of his work 
has been in the support of enabling non-computer geeks to understand 
computers and data, especially in research.  His online Software 
Carpentry course is one of the great resources no one knows about:

In addition, he's been interviewed recently at IT conversations:
Put this on your ipod for your commute.

[For those of you at the recent Research Computing Symposium who 
expressed an interest in Data, as opposed to computation, the 
following may be of interest.]

He has a new book out: "Data Crunching: Solve Everyday Problems Using 
Java, Python, and more." is described at Amazon.

Altho you can get much of the contents via his Software Carpentry site 
(see above).

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