[UCI-Linux] NTP servers changing IP addresses

Mike Iglesias iglesias at uci.edu
Tue Dec 2 13:58:20 PST 2008

The NACS offices will be moving from EGW to MSTB in January, and some of
the NACS subnets will be moving to MSTB.  Two of the campus NTP servers are
on subnets that are moving, and will be changing IP addresses so they can
stay in the NACS EGW machine room.  The systems have been setup so that
they will work with both the old and new IPs.  If you have any systems
that use the campus NTP servers, you should change the IP address now to
avoid problems after the move.

Here are the old and new IPs:

ntp1.nacs.uci.edu     old   new
ntp2.nacs.uci.edu     old   new

NTP servers not moving:

ntp4.nacs.uci.edu (not up yet)

If you have any questions or problems using the new NTP IP addresses please
let me know.

There will be an announcement soon about the NACS move to MSTB.  There is no
firm date for the move at this time.

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