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Time: Wed, April 23rd, 1:00p, Computer Science 432
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The UCGrid: Computing across California

by Bill Labate, Director of Research Computing Technologies, UCLA

followed by a Q & A 

A Grid is a collection of independently owned and administered 
resources which have been joined together by a software and hardware 
infrastructure that interacts with the resources and the users of the 
resources to provide coordinated dynamic resource sharing in a 
dependable and consistent way according to policies that have been 
agreed to by all parties. Because of the large number of resources 
available on a Grid at any given time, an individual researcher can 
always be provided with the best resources available at that point of 
time for his/her needs, and overall, resource utilization can be 
distributed for maximum efficiency. The UCLA Grid Portal Software 
(UGP) and the UCLA Grid Architecture bring computational clusters 
together into a Grid.
(from <http://www.ucgrid.org/wiki/index.php/Main_Page> )

See also:

Bill will present an overview of the current UCGrid implementation
at UCLA, UCSB, UCSC, and UCI: its advantages and limitations. 

Questions & Discussion are encouraged, especially from faculty
interested in HPC applications.


Bill Labate <labate at ats.ucla.edu>
Director, Research Computing Technologies
Bill Labate leads UCLA's Research Computing Technologies group. With a
technology background that stretches over 25 years, Bill has a
special focus on high performance computing, Grid infrastructure, IT
and project management as well as financial planning and analysis of
IT projects. He is responsible for the OIT relationship with the
Institute for Digital Research and Engineering (IDRE) and is involved
with the UC System efforts focused on Grid Computing and data
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