[UCI-Linux] Battery Backup for KUBUNTU

Harry Mangalam harry.mangalam at uci.edu
Tue May 8 17:11:13 PDT 2007

The apcd daemon (APC Smart UPS daemon) will shut down your system for 
you if you use an apcd-approved APC device.  Sending email in the 
midst of a power failure assumes all the intermediate devices are on 
UPSs as well.


Description: APC Smart UPS daemon
This daemon monitors an APC UPS either as master, with the serial 
cable attached to it, or as a slave, with a network connection to the 

The daemon constantly gathers information from the UPS (battery load,
Temperature, workload, etc.) and logs them to a file. It shuts down
the system cleanly after a certain period of constant power failure or 
if the battery load falls below a certain level.

In your particular case, I believe apcd is already running on 
sand.ess, which is/was running off such a device. As long as the 
switch between them is on a battery, sand could signal all the 
computers in the room to shutdown (assuming the computers were on 
dumb battery backup - the SMART series cost quite a bit more than 
dumb backups).

hmm - just peeked - sand is no longer running apcd - it must not have 
been re-installed after the disk failure.  You'll have to re-install 

On Tuesday 08 May 2007 16:47, Scott Capps wrote:
> With all of the recent power outages around here lately, I would
> like to configure my Ubuntu system with a UPS/Battery Backup.  It
> must be able to send me an e-mail in the event of a power outage so
> that I can remotely shutdown the pc.  Are there recommended UPS
> systems with this functionality for Ubuntu?

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