[UCI-Linux] check your mail, lose your identity

Mike Iglesias iglesias at uci.edu
Wed May 2 13:51:41 PDT 2007

Harry Mangalam wrote:
> If none of these are available to you and you have a machine you can 
> connect to at UCI, here's how to set up your email to use an ssh 
> tunnel to shield against wireless sniffing:
> Use ssh with the -L flag to remap the port connection.  To check a POP 
> server (on port 110), use a commandline like this:
> ssh -L 2110:your.pop.server.com:110 you at sshserver.dept.uci.edu
> The above line establishes an ssh-encrypted tunnel 
> via 'sshserver.dept.uci.edu' to port 110 on 'your.pop.server.com' 
> using localhost port 2110 (has to be above 1024 for regular users to 
> be able to use it).  
> You also have to configure your mail client to use localhost:2110 
> instead of pop.west.cox.net:110 as your mail server.  Most email 
> clients allow you set up multiple POP servers to check and you can 
> simply set this one up for use when you're using insecure wireless.

Or you can use the campus VPN service, not have to do all the ssh stuff, add
another profile to your mail client, etc.

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