[UCI-Linux] Part-time NACS position available in Research Computing

Harry Mangalam harry.mangalam at uci.edu
Wed May 17 12:23:42 PDT 2006

Hi All,

The Research Computing group at NACS has an opening for a highly motivated 
undergrad ubergeek.  If you dream procmail filters and ip_table rules, host 
an ISP out of your bedroom, have cantennas aimed at all the neighbors, think 
'proxy' not 'sushi' when you hear 'squid', admin several projects at SF, 
rsync your backups to badly secured servers in Khazakstan, store your recipes 
(if you had any (you don't)) in MySQL, and think old hard disk innards make 
the best jewelry, we may have a job for you.  

Well, actually, if you do all that, maybe you have a job for us.  But assuming 
you're looking for a challenging job..

The RCG is involved in a number of cool projects on campus, from cluster 
specification/config/programming, to parallel file systems, to HPC 
networking, to high end visualization, to exploiting some neat OSS projects.

You can see the official job notice listing the minimum requisite skills at:

but if you have more skills or need more challenge, we certainly have those as 
well. Feel free to email me for more details.
Harry Mangalam - NACS, E1127, Engineering Gateway, UC Irvine 92697
949 824 0084(o), 949 285 4487(c) harry.mangalam at uci.edu

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