[UCI-Linux] Posting Fedora update notices to uci-linux?

Andreas Gal gal at uci.edu
Wed May 3 11:29:40 PDT 2006

I procmail your notices to /dev/null as well. It might help reviving this 
list as actual sent-by-humans-read-by-humans list if you stop sending 
them, but again, it doesn't really bother me personally.

Talking about Linux, do we finally have a redhat site license? Fedora is 
nice if you have the time to play around with bleeding edge distros, but I 
need my machines to "just work" (tm). We currently use ScientificLinux 
(RHEL4 recompile) for most of our machines.


On Wed, 3 May 2006, Harry Mangalam wrote:

> Since I don't use fedora, I have no use for them, but email filters are easy
> to set up.  I would like to see more day-to-day UCI-related linux traffic to
> see what people are doing with it on campus.  Especially with UCOP's interest
> in reducing costs by using OSS for more large, common infrastructure projects
> (http://www.universityofcalifornia.edu/itgc/), things may be getting a lot
> more friendly for linux around UC.
> Are people posting their linux threads to larger lists or is the linux
> community that small here (or so expert that they can always fix it
> themselves)?  Or does linux never break? :)
> hjm
> On Wednesday 03 May 2006 09:51, Mike Iglesias wrote:
>> One of the people on this list has asked me to not post the Fedora update
>> notices here.  So I'd like to know how others feel - do you want the Fedora
>> updates posted here, or do you find them bothersome?
>> Thanks,

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