[UCI-Linux] Problem with Areca RAID controllers on Dapper with >4GB RAM

Harry Mangalam hjm at tacgi.com
Mon Jul 3 20:36:57 PDT 2006

Thanks to Daniel Wang who passed this on.

If you're running an Areca RAID controller on AMD64 Ubuntu Dapper (or 
any 64bit OS) with >4GB RAM, this may be important for you.

Areca has acknowledged a driver problem which results in damaged files 
using the Areca driver released with the Dapper Final release 
(version 6.0.6, I believe). Areca had fixed the problem well before 
the Dapper release, but Ubuntu did not include the patched driver. 
The latest driver certainly seems to have fixed it: version 
You can build the replacement kernel driver out of the kernel tree if 
you follow the readme included in the replacement driver:

 If your root filesystem is on the Areca filesystem, you've probably 
already figured out that something is amiss (as Daniel did).  If it's 
not, the filesystems that are on the Areca-controlled partitions are 
being silently corrupted, as I found out when I umounted and forced a 
fsck on it - >200 inode miscalcs. :(

Good luck.
Cheers, Harry
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