[UCI-Linux] UCI Linux Club

Dirk Groeneveld dgroenev at uci.edu
Fri Oct 21 20:36:19 PDT 2005

On Thu, 20 Oct 2005, Mike Iglesias wrote:

>> Hey everyone, my name's Aaron Abajian. I was wondering just how large
>> the "Linux Users and Resources at UCI" group is. I can't seem to find
>> whether there is an actual club or just a mailing list. If there isn't a
>> club, would anyone be interested in trying to start one? I found one
>> e-mail regarding the same subject by Steve Tsai posted in 2003. Does
>> anyone know if that club is in existence? I know that UCLA, USC, UCB,
>> and other universities are major Linux distribution centers and I was
>> wondering if UCI could implement something along those lines.
> UCI has a Fedora mirror on ftp.uci.edu.  We're probably going to
> upgrade the disk space on the system and maybe carry another distribution.

UCF, which Brad already mentioned in an earlier email, is running a proxy 
for things like Gentoo distfiles and debian packages, the address is 
proxy.ucf.ics.uci.edu, the port is 3128. It is restricted to the campus 
network ( and, which includes resnet (ie, 
Middle Earth, Mesa Court, AV, CV, PV and maybe even Vista del Campo.

There has been talk about running proper mirrors for stuff, and we do have 
the resources for it, but the guy that wanted to run it lost interest and 
so it never happened. If you want to pick up the ball, you are more than 
welcome to do so. Come to one of our meetings (CS 423, Thursdays at 7pm), 
or join the mailinglists at https://www.ucf.ics.uci.edu/mailman/listinfo/. 
For this kind of think, I recommend unix-admin.


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