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Brad Taylor btaylor at uci.edu
Thu Oct 20 12:22:46 PDT 2005


> Hey everyone, my name's Aaron Abajian. I was wondering just how large
> the "Linux Users and Resources at UCI" group is. I can't seem to find
> whether there is an actual club or just a mailing list. If there isn't
> a club, would anyone be interested in trying to start one? I found one
> e-mail regarding the same subject by Steve Tsai posted in 2003. Does
> anyone know if that club is in existence?

Yes, UCI does have a Linux Users Group -- its called the Undergraduate
Computing Federation[1] (lovingly called UCF).  Meetings are every
Thursday at 7pm in CS 432.  We provide computing resources to UCI
undergraduates including shell access, email accounts, web space and
much more.  If you're not doing anything tonight, do stop by.  I believe
one of our members, Mike, will be doing a session on Crypto 101, x509
certificates and SSL.


[1] http://www.ucf.ics.uci.edu/

Brad Taylor
btaylor at uci.edu
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