[UCI-Linux] Fedora Core 4 Update: wget-1.10.2-0.fc4

Mike Iglesias iglesias at draco.acs.uci.edu
Mon Oct 17 11:10:31 PDT 2005

From: "Karsten Hopp" <karsten at redhat.com>
To: fedora-announce-list at redhat.com
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2005 12:23:02 -0400
Subject: Fedora Core 4 Update: wget-1.10.2-0.fc4

Fedora Update Notification

Product     : Fedora Core 4
Name        : wget
Version     : 1.10.2                      
Release     : 0.fc4                  
Summary     : A utility for retrieving files using the HTTP or FTP protocols.
Description :
GNU Wget is a file retrieval utility which can use either the HTTP or
FTP protocols. Wget features include the ability to work in the
background while you are logged out, recursive retrieval of
directories, file name wildcard matching, remote file timestamp
storage and comparison, use of Rest with FTP servers and Range with
HTTP servers to retrieve files over slow or unstable connections,
support for Proxy servers, and configurability.

Update Information:

A buffer overflow bug has been found in the NTLM    
authentication code of wget.   
Wget-1.10.1-4.fc4 from Fedora Core 4 was compiled    
using -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 which catches and blocks this   
issue. Therefore on Fedora Core 4 this can only result in   
the program being aborted and isn't a security issue.   
* Mon Oct 17 2005 Karsten Hopp <karsten at redhat.de> 1.10.2-0.fc4
- update to 1.10.2

This update can be downloaded from:

6ce9577d76ea0c88267c34fd7d1d1aad  SRPMS/wget-1.10.2-0.fc4.src.rpm
db78cb22f1eb415e32d34569ad4f81cb  ppc/wget-1.10.2-0.fc4.ppc.rpm
ea284450578ac9a153a18730835527f2  ppc/debug/wget-debuginfo-1.10.2-0.fc4.ppc.rpm
88080c53fd86f5b7a0334a9f6484ac8a  x86_64/wget-1.10.2-0.fc4.x86_64.rpm
488a92421dafff74cb8e3cc89106ed14  x86_64/debug/wget-debuginfo-1.10.2-0.fc4.x86_64.rpm
9bbdc2015a49d125bbe78710b60b1836  i386/wget-1.10.2-0.fc4.i386.rpm
a0363875188d8502d5499b1ca54b4c0d  i386/debug/wget-debuginfo-1.10.2-0.fc4.i386.rpm

This update can also be installed with the Update Agent; you can
launch the Update Agent with the 'up2date' command.  

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