[UCI-Linux] Fedora Core 1 to be removed from ftp.uci.edu

Mike Iglesias IGLESIAS at uci.edu
Tue Mar 15 13:18:08 PST 2005

The files for Fedora Core 1 will be removed from ftp.uci.edu later this week
to make room for Fedora Core 4.  Fedora Core 1 is not actively supported and
what new updates are that are made available can be obtained from
http://www.fedoralegacy.org/.  If you are still running Fedora Core 1 you
should consider moving to Fedora Core 3 (or FC 4 when it is officially

Fedora Core 2 will move to legacy status sometime soon, probably just before
or at the time Fedora Core 4 is released.

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