[UCI-Linux] [SECURITY] Fedora Core 4 Update: kernel-2.6.12-1.1447_FC4

Mike Iglesias IGLESIAS at uci.edu
Mon Aug 29 08:42:53 PDT 2005

From: Dave Jones <davej at redhat.com>
To: fedora-announce-list at redhat.com
Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2005 22:02:24 -0400
Subject: [SECURITY] Fedora Core 4 Update: kernel-2.6.12-1.1447_FC4

Fedora Update Notification

Product     : Fedora Core 4
Name        : kernel
Version     : 2.6.12                      
Release     : 1.1447_FC4                  
Summary     : The Linux kernel (the core of the Linux operating system).
Description :
The kernel package contains the Linux kernel (vmlinuz), the core of
the Red Hat Linux operating system. The kernel handles the basic
functions of the operating system: memory allocation, process
allocation, device input and output, etc.


* Fri Aug 26 2005 Dave Jones <davej at redhat.com> [2.6.12-1.1447_FC4]
- Better identify local builds. (#159696)
- Fix disk/net dump & netconsole. (#152586)
- Fix up sleeping in invalid context in sym2 driver. (#164995)
- Fix 'semaphore is not ready' error in snd-intel8x0m.
- Restore hwclock functionality on some systems. (#144894)
- Merge patches proposed for
- Fix typo in ALPS driver.
- Fix 'No sense' error with Transcend USB key. (#162559)
- Fix up ide-scsi check for medium not present. (#160868)
- powernow-k8 driver update from 2.6.13rc7.

* Tue Aug 23 2005 Dave Jones <davej at redhat.com> [2.6.12-1.1435_FC4]
- Work around AMD x86-64 errata 122.

* Tue Aug 23 2005 Rik van Riel <riel at redhat.com>
- upgrade to today's Xen snapshot

* Mon Aug 22 2005 Rik van Riel <riel at redhat.com>
- make sure that the vsyscall-note is linked in so the right glibc is used

* Sun Aug 21 2005 Rik van Riel <riel at redhat.com>
- fix the Xen vsyscall problem

* Thu Aug 18 2005 David Woodhouse <dwmw2 at redhat.com>
- Don't probe 8250 ports on ppc32 unless they're in the device tree
- Enable ISDN, 8250 console, i8042 keyboard controller on ppc32
- Audit updates from git tree

* Wed Aug 17 2005 Rik van Riel <riel at redhat.com>
- temporarily disable the vsyscall page for Xen

* Tue Aug 16 2005 Dave Jones <davej at redhat.com>
- Restrict ipsec socket policy loading to CAP_NET_ADMIN. (CAN-2005-2555)

* Mon Aug 15 2005 Rik van Riel <riel at redhat.com>
- upgrade Xen to a newer version

* Mon Aug 15 2005 Dave Jones <davej at redhat.com>
- Fix module_verify_elf check that rejected valid .ko files. (#165528)

* Thu Aug 11 2005 Dave Jones <davej at redhat.com>
- Audit speedup in syscall path.
- Update to a newer ACPI drop.

* Fri Aug  5 2005 Dave Jones <davej at redhat.com> [2.6.12-1.1420_FC4]
- update to final patchset.
- ACPI update to 20050729.
- Disable experimental ACPI HOTKEY driver. (#163355)

* Thu Aug  4 2005 Dave Jones <davej at redhat.com>
- Enable Amiga partition support. (#149802)

* Wed Aug  3 2005 Dave Jones <davej at redhat.com> [2.6.12-1.1411_FC4]
- Include pre-release patchset
- Silence some messages from PowerMac thermal driver. (#158739)
- nfs server intermitently claimed ENOENT on existing files or directories. (#150759)
- Stop usbhid driver incorrectly claiming Wireless Security Lock as a mouse. (#147479)
- Further NFSD fixing for non-standard ports.
- Fix up miscalculated i_nlink in /proc (#162418)
- Fix addrlen checks in selinux_socket_connect. (#164165)

* Thu Jul 28 2005 Dave Jones <davej at redhat.com>
- Fix compilation with older gcc. (#164041)

This update can be downloaded from:

f865ad76db429f63ac1bf7bdf832e55b  SRPMS/kernel-2.6.12-1.1447_FC4.src.rpm
648cbbb6eba90c28438fe5ce983f276b  ppc/kernel-2.6.12-1.1447_FC4.ppc.rpm
113f8fc4e635137e2e733636d3987aa0  ppc/kernel-devel-2.6.12-1.1447_FC4.ppc.rpm
700022469101d7b36637329fa3cad79a  ppc/kernel-smp-2.6.12-1.1447_FC4.ppc.rpm
ba9e46586510d306bcccd34434066b9e  ppc/kernel-smp-devel-2.6.12-1.1447_FC4.ppc.rpm
3b6433e888c76f4f95b2e183f340561d  ppc/debug/kernel-debuginfo-2.6.12-1.1447_FC4.ppc.rpm
8b3ac8ca1a781c10713180a0740c2547  ppc/kernel-2.6.12-1.1447_FC4.ppc64.rpm
831e67fb5c0564b17e1724f8ef8f17b2  ppc/kernel-devel-2.6.12-1.1447_FC4.ppc64.rpm
1b70224af322b0af165e2a45b7d8c956  ppc/kernel-2.6.12-1.1447_FC4.ppc64iseries.rpm
0d779a02c47a2ebb48074d4ca2e5d7a5  ppc/kernel-devel-2.6.12-1.1447_FC4.ppc64iseries.rpm
5b0e3e8de7ff40b7fd6cb66b415d5701  x86_64/kernel-2.6.12-1.1447_FC4.x86_64.rpm
fbad3a0cc7421cf1fe19b3592ee71cbe  x86_64/kernel-devel-2.6.12-1.1447_FC4.x86_64.rpm
87ac8412d75adc796050f60efb72964a  x86_64/kernel-smp-2.6.12-1.1447_FC4.x86_64.rpm
760fb1745aba2f93daf46156d248e9a6  x86_64/kernel-smp-devel-2.6.12-1.1447_FC4.x86_64.rpm
348ed73152c6837c0fcd4819c96a458e  x86_64/debug/kernel-debuginfo-2.6.12-1.1447_FC4.x86_64.rpm
4b247f0141b5de649f25c905418178f5  x86_64/kernel-doc-2.6.12-1.1447_FC4.noarch.rpm
451145a445be6310ec261d72de5a097a  i386/kernel-2.6.12-1.1447_FC4.i586.rpm
279e6474bb29df58a046de1373572684  i386/kernel-devel-2.6.12-1.1447_FC4.i586.rpm
727229e153f886405f53fa9a2aaac47f  i386/debug/kernel-debuginfo-2.6.12-1.1447_FC4.i586.rpm
513bc2f58e33465b895a229c2f2d7cea  i386/kernel-2.6.12-1.1447_FC4.i686.rpm
a564cb8c227ed5be8052696d90627b00  i386/kernel-devel-2.6.12-1.1447_FC4.i686.rpm
6627ee6a0b5be936114b033d7f11ba50  i386/kernel-smp-2.6.12-1.1447_FC4.i686.rpm
5b43c01ee82477ae04db6270d34801bf  i386/kernel-smp-devel-2.6.12-1.1447_FC4.i686.rpm
a1f0ef8f638fd33aff5db7a015c9d687  i386/kernel-xen0-2.6.12-1.1447_FC4.i686.rpm
ee5f74131f5e32b8142b8554a6e92885  i386/kernel-xen0-devel-2.6.12-1.1447_FC4.i686.rpm
e529cbe54194868937feb008a6d105da  i386/kernel-xenU-2.6.12-1.1447_FC4.i686.rpm
d80754a9a5bee95cab45729eed47f2c5  i386/kernel-xenU-devel-2.6.12-1.1447_FC4.i686.rpm
6c8dfced541a5a40f432d7c037c8d780  i386/debug/kernel-debuginfo-2.6.12-1.1447_FC4.i686.rpm
4b247f0141b5de649f25c905418178f5  i386/kernel-doc-2.6.12-1.1447_FC4.noarch.rpm

This update can also be installed with the Update Agent; you can
launch the Update Agent with the 'up2date' command.  

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