[UCI-Linux] mixed Windows/Linux thin client model

Harry Mangalam hjm at tacgi.com
Fri Sep 24 14:52:18 PDT 2004

Adding to the previous post, has anyone tried:


Looks like a very interesting ...

Supposed can config an old PC to support:

 PXE, Etherboot, CD-ROM, HDD, DOC/DOM and USB boot methods and the
 following sessions:
  - Unix/Linux (supporting XDM)
  - Microsoft Terminal Server (using RDP)
  - Citrix (using ICA)
  - VNC (using TightVNC)
  - Local graphical session with simple desktop
  - LTSP or K12LTSP
  - IBM Host (using 3270 or 5250 emulation)
  - Telnet (emulating ANSI terminal)
  - SSH
  - Tarantella (using proprietary protocol)
  - Nomachine (using NX)

Cheers, Harry
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