[UCI-Linux] Fedora Core 2 Update: freeradius-1.0.1-0.FC2

Mike Iglesias IGLESIAS at uci.edu
Thu Oct 28 10:12:19 PDT 2004

Date: Thu, 28 Oct 2004 17:11:00 +0200
From: twoerner at redhat.com
To: fedora-announce-list at redhat.com
Subject: Fedora Core 2 Update: freeradius-1.0.1-0.FC2

Fedora Update Notification

Product     : Fedora Core 2
Name        : freeradius
Version     : 1.0.1                      
Release     : 0.FC2                  
Summary     : High-performance and highly configurable free RADIUS server.
Description :
The FreeRADIUS Server Project is a high performance and highly configurable
GPL'd free RADIUS server. The server is similar in some respects to
Livingston's 2.0 server.  While FreeRADIUS started as a variant of the
Cistron RADIUS server, they don't share a lot in common any more. It now has
many more features than Cistron or Livingston, and is much more configurable.

FreeRADIUS is an Internet authentication daemon, which implements the RADIUS
protocol, as defined in RFC 2865 (and others). It allows Network Access
Servers (NAS boxes) to perform authentication for dial-up users. There are
also RADIUS clients available for Web servers, firewalls, Unix logins, and
more.  Using RADIUS allows authentication and authorization for a network to
be centralized, and minimizes the amount of re-configuration which has to be
done when adding or deleting new users.

* Fri Oct 29 2004 Thomas Woerner <twoerner at redhat.com> 1.0.1-0.FC2

- new version 1.0.1: fixes (#137424)
  CAN-2004-0938 Freeradius < 1.0.1 DoS and remote crash (CAN-2004-0960,
- applied radrelay CVS patch from Kevin Bonner

* Thu Aug 26 2004 Warren Togami <wtogami at redhat.com> 1.0.0-3

- BuildRequires pam-devel and libtool
- Fix errant text in description
- Other minor cleanups

* Thu Aug 26 2004 Thomas Woerner <twoerner at redhat.com> 1.0.0-2.1

- renamed /etc/pam.d/radius to /etc/pam.d/radiusd to match default 
  configuration (#130613)

* Thu Aug 26 2004 Thomas Woerner <twoerner at redhat.com> 1.0.0-2

- fixed BuildRequires for openssl-devel (#130606)

* Tue Aug 17 2004 Thomas Woerner <twoerner at redhat.com> 1.0.0-1

- 1.0.0 final

* Tue Jul 06 2004 Thomas Woerner <twoerner at redhat.com> 1.0.0-0.pre3.2

- added buildrequires for zlib-devel (#127162)
- fixed libdir patch to prefer own libeap instead of installed one (#127168)
- fixed samba account maps in LDAP for samba v3 (#127173)

* Fri Jul 02 2004 Thomas Woerner <twoerner at redhat.com> 1.0.0-0.pre3.1

- third "pre" release of version 1.0.0
- rlm_ldap is using SASLv2 (#126507)

* Wed Jun 16 2004 Elliot Lee <sopwith at redhat.com>

- rebuilt

* Fri Jun 04 2004 Thomas Woerner <twoerner at redhat.com> 0.9.3-4.1

- fixed BuildRequires for gdbm-devel

This update can be downloaded from:

1831abf0b08d0f04718a6d3acd9426c2  SRPMS/freeradius-1.0.1-0.FC2.src.rpm
e78e84ed4251d4d257962882e8ab42f0  x86_64/freeradius-1.0.1-0.FC2.x86_64.rpm
9b97f55e3f63a008eac0c239334d23b5  x86_64/freeradius-mysql-1.0.1-0.FC2.x86_64.rpm
0d8455b10aab60f4cdb1d41178ae5bb6  x86_64/freeradius-postgresql-1.0.1-0.FC2.x86_64.rpm
775191ab3193fcc16ea119b2e7c2a21a  x86_64/freeradius-unixODBC-1.0.1-0.FC2.x86_64.rpm
1926133e3295f8e47a4886bf94471d60  x86_64/debug/freeradius-debuginfo-1.0.1-0.FC2.x86_64.rpm
e6f5af4b7fa8b80e55fdde05963a194c  i386/freeradius-1.0.1-0.FC2.i386.rpm
3f9b9c8fb04b3e23706860d289a255da  i386/freeradius-mysql-1.0.1-0.FC2.i386.rpm
06a57e1b4e10c08fddafbfef0e96a7ef  i386/freeradius-postgresql-1.0.1-0.FC2.i386.rpm
441fa82658b697b3bd01c65a67fd1574  i386/freeradius-unixODBC-1.0.1-0.FC2.i386.rpm
5a3f4e8b43f498a9cb35de6f983521e8  i386/debug/freeradius-debuginfo-1.0.1-0.FC2.i386.rpm

This update can also be installed with the Update Agent; you can
launch the Update Agent with the 'up2date' command.  

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