[UCI-Linux] IMAP advice

Charlie Zender Charlie Zender <zender@uci.edu>
Fri, 23 Jan 2004 10:01:28 -0800


I want to start storing all my mail in a central location no matter
where I read it from. I've heard that IMAP allows this.
So I'm looking for advice on using IMAP or equivalent on Linux.
I have about 20000 messages in about 100 MB of disk space to manage.
Currently all my mail is in Mozilla Mail folders. 
All my connections are T1 wired or broadband wireless.

1. Is IMAP fast enough to deal with this volume and be responsive?
2. Is there a particular IMAP server that works best?
3. Does Mozilla work well as an IMAP client?

Charlie Zender, surname@uci.edu, (949) 824-2987, Department of Earth 
System Science, University of California, Irvine CA 92697-3100