[UCI-Linux] UC eligibility for Microsoft v. CA class action settlement?

Stephen D. Franklin franklin at uci.edu
Mon Dec 27 10:12:25 PST 2004

> Apparently there are only two weeks left to file.
> Last I heard, UCOP was to determine whether UC licensees qualify
> to file, or are considered state government and thus ineligible.
> What was the outcome of this?
> Are UC employees eligible to file for licenses bought with 
> state/research funds?
> Thanks,
> Charlie
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On the advice of legal counsel, the University of California did NOT
participate in the Microsoft settlement.  

Last September, several UC departments received settlement checks from 
the Microsoft Settlement Claims Administrator, despite the fact that 
the University was not a participant in the settlement.  UCOP
notified the appropriate campus offices (e.g., Material Management)
"It is important that these checks NOT be cashed by the University, as
doing so could damage the University's ability to participate in a
subsequent class action lawsuit on behalf of governmental agencies."
That message and UCOP follow-up with the Claims adminsitrator
appear to have worked pretty well.

-- sdf
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