[UCI-Linux] Fedora Core 3 Update: glibc-2.3.4-2.fc3

Mike Iglesias IGLESIAS at uci.edu
Tue Dec 21 10:52:09 PST 2004

From: Jakub Jelinek <jakub at redhat.com>
To: fedora-announce-list at redhat.com
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2004 13:41:26 -0500
Subject: Fedora Core 3 Update: glibc-2.3.4-2.fc3

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Fedora Update Notification

Product     : Fedora Core 3
Name        : glibc
Version     : 2.3.4                     =20
Release     : 2.fc3                 =20
Summary     : The GNU libc libraries.
Description :
The glibc package contains standard libraries which are used by
multiple programs on the system. In order to save disk space and
memory, as well as to make upgrading easier, common system code is
kept in one place and shared between programs. This particular package
contains the most important sets of shared libraries: the standard C
library and the standard math library. Without these two libraries, a
Linux system will not function.


* Sun Dec 19 2004 Jakub Jelinek <jakub at redhat.com> 2.3.4-2.fc3

- work around rpm bug some more, this time by copying
  iconvconfig to iconvconfig.%{_target_cpu}.

* Sun Dec 19 2004 Jakub Jelinek <jakub at redhat.com> 2.3.4-1

- update from CVS
  - glibc 2.3.4 release
  - add -o and --nostdlib options to iconvconfig
- if /sbin/ldconfig doesn't exist when running
  glibc_post_upgrade.%{_target_cpu}, just don't attempt to run it.
  This can happen during first install of bi-arch glibc and the
  other arch glibc's %post wil run /sbin/ldconfig (#143326)
- use -o and --nostdlib options to create all needed
  gconv-modules.cache files on bi-arch setups

* Sun Dec 19 2004 Jakub Jelinek <jakub at redhat.com> 2.3.3-99

- rebuilt

* Sat Dec 18 2004 Jakub Jelinek <jakub at redhat.com> 2.3.3-98

- add .%{_target_cpu} to glibc_post_upgrade, only run telinit u
  if /sbin/init is the same ELF class and machine as
  glibc_post_upgrade.%{_target_cpu} and similarly with
  condrestarting sshd (#143046)

* Fri Dec 17 2004 Jakub Jelinek <jakub at redhat.com> 2.3.3-97

- update from CVS
  - fix ppc64 getcontext and swapcontext (BZ#610)
  - sparc/sparc64 fixes

* Wed Dec 15 2004 Jakub Jelinek <jakub at redhat.com> 2.3.3-96

- update from CVS
  - fix i686 __USE_STRING_INLINES strncat
  - make sure ppc/ppc64 maintain correct stack alignment
    across clone

* Wed Dec 15 2004 Jakub Jelinek <jakub at redhat.com> 2.3.3-95

- export nis_domain_of_r from libnsl.so again which was
  unintentionally lost

* Wed Dec 15 2004 Jakub Jelinek <jakub at redhat.com> 2.3.3-93

- update from CVS
  - ppc/ppc64 clone without CLONE_THREAD getpid () adjustement
  - fix MALLOC_CHECK_=3D{1,2,3} for non-contiguous main arena
  - fix sysconf (_POSIX_V6_*) for other ABI environments in
    bi-arch setups
- s390/s390x clone without CLONE_THREAD getpid () adjustement

* Tue Dec 14 2004 Jakub Jelinek <jakub at redhat.com> 2.3.3-92

- update from CVS
- fix /usr/libexec/getconf filenames generation

* Tue Dec 14 2004 Jakub Jelinek <jakub at redhat.com> 2.3.3-91

- update from CVS
  - double buffer size in getXXbyYY or getXXent on ERANGE
    instead of adding BUFLEN (#142617)
  - avoid busy loop in malloc if another thread is doing fork
  - some more realloc corruption checks
  - fix getconf _POSIX_V6_WIDTH_RESTRICTED_ENVS output,
    tweak /usr/libexec/getconf/ filenames

* Fri Dec 10 2004 Jakub Jelinek <jakub at redhat.com> 2.3.3-90

- update from CVS
  - regex speedups
  - use | cat in ldd if running under bash3+ to allow running
    it on binaries that are not through SELinux allowed to access
    console or tty
- add __NR_waitid defines for alpha and ia64

* Wed Dec 08 2004 Jakub Jelinek <jakub at redhat.com> 2.3.3-89

- update from CVS
  - fix clone2 on ia64
  - avoid tst-timer5 failing with linuxthreads implementation
- if __libc_enable_secure, disallow mode !=3D normal
- change ldd script to imply -r when -u is used, properly
  propagate return value and handle suid binaries

* Tue Dec 07 2004 Jakub Jelinek <jakub at redhat.com> 2.3.3-88

- update from CVS
  - disregard LD_SHOW_AUXV and LD_DYNAMIC_WEAK if __libc_enable_secure
  - disregard LD_DEBUG if __libc_enable_secure in normal mode
    if /suid-debug doesn't exist
  - fix fseekpos after ungetc
  - avoid reading bytes before start of buffers in regex's
    check_dst_limits_calc_pos_1 (#142060)
  - make getpid () working with clone/clone2 without CLONE_THREAD
    (so far on i386/x86_64/ia64 only)
- move /usr/libexec/getconf/* to glibc from glibc-common
- make /usr/libexec/getconf directory owned by glibc package

* Fri Dec 03 2004 Jakub Jelinek <jakub at redhat.com> 2.3.3-87

- update from CVS
  - build libpthread_nonshared.a objects with -fPIC on s390/s390x
  - fix mktime with < 0 or > 59 tm_sec on entry
  - remove nonnull attribute for realpath
  - add $(make-target-directory) for errlist-compat.c rule
    (hopefully fix #141404)
- add testcase for ungetc bug
- define _POSIX_{,THREAD_}CPUTIME to 0 on all Linux arches

* Tue Nov 30 2004 Jakub Jelinek <jakub at redhat.com> 2.3.3-86

- update from CVS
  - some posix_opt.h fixes
- fix strtold use of unitialized memory (#141000)
- some more bugfixes for bugs detected by valgrind
- rebuilt with GCC >=3D 3.4.3-5 to avoid packed stack layout
  on s390{,x} (#139678)

* Fri Nov 26 2004 Jakub Jelinek <jakub at redhat.com> 2.3.3-85

- update from CVS
  - support -v specification in getconf
  - fix sysconf (_SC_LFS64_CFLAGS) etc.
  - avoid thread stack aliasing issues on EM64T (#140803)
- move /usr/include/nptl headers from nptl-devel
  to glibc-headers, so that even NPTL specific programs
  can be built bi-arch without problems

* Wed Nov 24 2004 Jakub Jelinek <jakub at redhat.com> 2.3.3-84

- update from CVS
  - fix memory leak in getaddrinfo if using nscd (#139559)
  - handle large lines in /etc/hosts and /etc/networks
  - add nonnull attributes to selected dirent.h and dlfcn.h

* Sun Nov 21 2004 Jakub Jelinek <jakub at redhat.com> 2.3.3-83

- update from CVS
  - add deprecated and/or nonnull attribute to some signal.h
  - speed up tzset () by only using stat instead of open/fstat
    when calling tzset for the second and following time if
    /etc/localtime has not changed
- fix tgamma (BZ #552)

* Sat Nov 20 2004 Jakub Jelinek <jakub at redhat.com> 2.3.3-82

- update from CVS
  - some malloc () checking
  - libpthread.a object dependency cleanups (#115157)
  - <bits/socket.h> fix for -std=3Dc89 -pedantic-errors (#140132)

* Fri Nov 19 2004 Jakub Jelinek <jakub at redhat.com> 2.3.3-81

- don't use chunksize in <=3D 2 * SIZE_SZ free () checks

* Fri Nov 19 2004 Jakub Jelinek <jakub at redhat.com> 2.3.3-80

- update from CVS
  - with -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=3D2, prevent missing %N$ formats
  - for -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=3D2 and %n in writable format string,
    issue special error message instead of using the buffer overflow
    detected one
  - speedup regex searching with REG_NOSUB, add RE_NO_SUB,
    speedup searching with nested subexps (BZ #544)
  - block SIGCANCEL in NPTL timer_* helper thread
- further free () checking

* Tue Nov 16 2004 Jakub Jelinek <jakub at redhat.com> 2.3.3-79

- update from CVS
- fix free () checking
- move /etc/default/nss into glibc-common (hopefully fix #132392)

* Mon Nov 15 2004 Jakub Jelinek <jakub at redhat.com> 2.3.3-78

- update from CVS
  - fix LD_DEBUG=3Dstatistics
  - issue error message before aborting in __chk_fail ()
- some more free () checking

* Fri Nov 12 2004 Jakub Jelinek <jakub at redhat.com> 2.3.3-77

- update from CVS
  - speedup regex on palindromes (BZ #429)
  - fix NPTL set{,e,re,res}[ug]id, so that even if making process
    less priviledged all threads change their credentials successfully

* Wed Nov 10 2004 Jakub Jelinek <jakub at redhat.com> 2.3.3-76

- update from CVS
  - fix regcomp crash (#138439)
  - fix ftell{,o,o64} (#137885)
  - robustification of nscd to cope with corrupt databases (#137140)
  - fix NPTL with pthread_exit immediately after pthread_create (BZ #530)
  - some regex optimizations

* Tue Nov 02 2004 Jakub Jelinek <jakub at redhat.com> 2.3.3-75

- update from CVS
  - mktime cleanups (BZ #487, #473)
  - unique comments in free(3) check error messages
- adjust some x86_64 headers for -m32 (#129712)
- object size checking support even with GCC-3.4.2-RH >=3D 3.4.2-8

This update can be downloaded from:

b9d9a53421760db0bfa4287af7dabd10  SRPMS/glibc-2.3.4-2.fc3.src.rpm
3797cf1598ad7f1afe3c8b5434b33581  x86_64/glibc-2.3.4-2.fc3.x86_64.rpm
82d5329a1b9da8400a113431c468c4fd  x86_64/glibc-devel-2.3.4-2.fc3.x86_64.rpm
16f9a39225f786ca09b92e45c9ea6fa8  x86_64/glibc-headers-2.3.4-2.fc3.x86_64.r=
bd4d9f2d45f33b13c713c76624b5a22d  x86_64/nptl-devel-2.3.4-2.fc3.x86_64.rpm
1e2ea4610d4c9cb1488f4d742541ad76  x86_64/glibc-profile-2.3.4-2.fc3.x86_64.r=
192a0ed6462c27057623b468a66f0b02  x86_64/glibc-common-2.3.4-2.fc3.x86_64.rpm
a18664c4582ba8313b6c9c78c33d74d5  x86_64/nscd-2.3.4-2.fc3.x86_64.rpm
b4472b6af7139f8d2d9b6202b934da05  x86_64/glibc-utils-2.3.4-2.fc3.x86_64.rpm
a1e20f21ce8437710f07abbe290b1792  x86_64/debug/glibc-debuginfo-2.3.4-2.fc3.=
360920d49265f6623976f50835bdfd37  x86_64/glibc-2.3.4-2.fc3.i386.rpm
af7bacacfc4dc4aeedc848ef34f6b961  x86_64/glibc-devel-2.3.4-2.fc3.i386.rpm
60d25e598f3d8ea02cb3f47ea3436aa3  x86_64/glibc-2.3.4-2.fc3.i686.rpm
360920d49265f6623976f50835bdfd37  i386/glibc-2.3.4-2.fc3.i386.rpm
af7bacacfc4dc4aeedc848ef34f6b961  i386/glibc-devel-2.3.4-2.fc3.i386.rpm
18937796c5fe5c73c07db0e9050ad04b  i386/glibc-headers-2.3.4-2.fc3.i386.rpm
20c66b909fc128d9a5fbff58e9c9e5ec  i386/nptl-devel-2.3.4-2.fc3.i386.rpm
0da2de0adf69a0c5bd897d65ec046fbe  i386/glibc-profile-2.3.4-2.fc3.i386.rpm
d97bf76cf3cd06b08f309f1a60cb5f34  i386/glibc-common-2.3.4-2.fc3.i386.rpm
e72ff3f5aac989861efd9ad5d01cdb64  i386/nscd-2.3.4-2.fc3.i386.rpm
3628f0b5fcf60c0df181b0c4d18897cc  i386/glibc-utils-2.3.4-2.fc3.i386.rpm
85cc069c9ea5a3bb5647e3fc0da32c0e  i386/debug/glibc-debuginfo-2.3.4-2.fc3.i3=
f813c98752abb3146ac9e4761bda0a04  i386/debug/glibc-debuginfo-common-2.3.4-2=
60d25e598f3d8ea02cb3f47ea3436aa3  i386/glibc-2.3.4-2.fc3.i686.rpm
f7b95123d76f1a57a7a87ad7c1ad13b0  i386/nptl-devel-2.3.4-2.fc3.i686.rpm
46a6db14ba84b09ff8f839959eae7d1c  i386/debug/glibc-debuginfo-2.3.4-2.fc3.i6=

This update can also be installed with the Update Agent; you can
launch the Update Agent with the 'up2date' command. =20

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