[UCI-Linux] Re: SuSE vs. Redhat / 2-CPU Recommendations

Garr Updegraff garru@uci.edu
Wed, 21 Apr 2004 15:15:08 -0700

Hi Charlie and Mike,

Charlie, mind if I drop by to check out your SuSE system some time? ;-)

How long does SuSE provide security patches for the software that's 
installed on their older versions?  And how "GNU-standard" are the 
installation directories for software (in case I have to update a package 
myself because SuSE dropped support and I'm afraid to upgrade to a new 
major O/S version because I don't want to risk messing up my Oracle 

At 02:55 PM 4/21/04 -0700, Mike Iglesias wrote:
>I believe it's 5 years of support [for RH Enterprise Linux], but you 
>should check their web site to be sure.  We are going to move all our 
>production systems to RHEL due to the support issues with RH 9.

Mike, I didn't realize from your earlier email that RHEL is so different 
about support for old versions.  That's pretty significant (although I'm 
still unhappy about their file locations ;-).

-- Garr

At 04:59 PM 4/20/04 -0700, Charlie Zender wrote:
>>So here's my question: How does SuSE compare with Redhat?  I'd love to go 
>>with Debian, but Oracle is only certified for recent Redhat and SuSE 
>>versions, so I could end up with an iffy Oracle installation.
>We seem to have very similar tastes. I too would prefer Debian on all my
>Linux platforms, however that's not always possible for external reasons.
>Debian does not support 32/64 bit systems in a robust way yet.
>So when I bought a dual Opteron to replace an aging RedHat server, I was
>faced with the same choice you are now making, SuSE vs. RedHat.
>I chose SuSE and I am impressed with its ease of configuration so far.
>I chose SuSE for the Opteron specifically because a brainy IBM solutions
>person told me that SuSE has been tuning for AMD for a few years (e.g.,
>they wrote the GCC x86-64 back-end) and the threading performance on
>SuSE was much superior to RedHat so that's what he always recommended
>to customers. RedHat is apparently playing catch-up to SuSE, at least
>on x86-64, which may not affect you.
>My new server has only been up for about 48 hours so far, so
>I don't know what SuSE's lifecycle is like for upgrades.
>But Yast2 is great. I bought my system from Western Scientific,
>as have others on this list. They come to campus fairly regularly
>and are tech-savvy and good at phone-based help.
>Charlie Zender, surname@uci.edu, (949) 824-2987, Department of Earth
>System Science, University of California, Irvine CA 92697-3100