[UCI-Linux] SuSE vs. Redhat / 2-CPU Recommendations

Harry Mangalam hjm@tacgi.com
Wed, 21 Apr 2004 09:05:36 -0700

Charlie and others - what about Suse's support policies (and any diffs for 
.edu's?)?  Do they charge for an access to an online patch / updates repository? 
  Do they provide an online duplicate respository of the CDs that you've bought 
(to save you from swapping CDs or losing 2GB of disk space)?  I take it that 
they do not provide an ongoing Debian-like repository of the latest apps & code...?

What's their effective product cycle time - I have a sense that it's 
intermediate between RH's (slow) and Mandrakes (fast).

I also have a sense from following their announcements that like RH, they are 
trying to provide a stable platform for commercial apps and scientific 
computing, unlike Debian (Sid anyway) which is more slanted to 
foaming-at-the-mouth developers who need the latest and greatest libs & utils to 
  allow features to be played with, etc.

Harry (wiping the foam off his mouth)

Chris Louden wrote:
> For $50 is that ES or AS version? If ES is it the Basic or Standard
> edition? If AS is it Standard or Premium?
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> You could go with RedHat Enterprise Linux.  UCI has an agreement with RH
> so you pay $25 for workstations and $50 for servers.  NACS is running a
> local up2date server, but I'm not sure if we are charging for access to
> it or not.  We're just starting to install Enterprise Linux on systems.
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Cheers, Harry
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