[UCI-Linux] SuSE vs. Redhat / 2-CPU Recommendations

Mike Iglesias IGLESIAS@uci.edu
Tue, 20 Apr 2004 20:15:07 -0700

> I'm unhappy with Redhat because it seems like they drop security patch 
> support for old versions fairly quickly now.  That's a problem for me 
> because once Oracle is installed, I try not to upgrade major O/S versions; 
> installing Oracle is a lot of work, and I can't take a chance that a new 
> O/S version will mess it up.  Redhat makes this situation even worse 
> because of their non-GNU installation directories: once Redhat drops 
> support for an old version, I have to re-install newer versions of the 
> software myself, and then it gets weird trying to decide whether to re-use 
> Redhat's locations or to uninstall the Redhat version and then re-install 
> the software in the GNU default locations.  Is SuSE any better in this regard?

You could go with RedHat Enterprise Linux.  UCI has an agreement with
RH so you pay $25 for workstations and $50 for servers.  NACS is running
a local up2date server, but I'm not sure if we are charging for access to
it or not.  We're just starting to install Enterprise Linux on systems.

> Also, any vendor recommendations for 2-CPU systems?  I'm not sure whether 
> Oracle supports dual Opterons, but for this application the CPU's probably 
> don't have to be top of the line.  I was able to price out a full system 
> online at Monarch Computer Systems with dual Athlon MP 2400+, a 3Ware RAID 
> card, and four 120GB SATA drives, installed with SuSE 9.0 Pro (or RH), for 
> less than $2900.  That price would work for us, but I don't know anyone who 
> has actually ordered from Monarch.

I just bought 2 1u rackmount systems from Appro.  Dual 1.8ghz Opterons, 1gb
memory, 160gb SCSI disk (1 drive).  $7500 for the two systems.  I'm
running RH Enterprise Linux compiles for the Opterons.  So far so good,
although I have had to add a couple of i386 library rpms that were not
installed by default.

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