[UCI-Linux] fedora impressions?

Steve Tsai stevet@uci.edu
Thu, 13 Nov 2003 13:04:35 -0800

On Thu 13 Nov 2003, Donald Saltarelli wrote:
> Recently I installed (clean) the Fedora Core test release 2 on a Dell
> gx270. I was hoping it would be stable enough to migrate to from my
> ultra 5. Although the release had a lot of glitz and glamour, it was
> still too buggy (Gnome, Evo) for me to use. It's been less than a month
> since then, but has anyone have a better experience with the Core 1
> release?
> Until it's ready I'll be running Gentoo instead (had to use the 2.6
> livecd because the piix sata isn't supported with the 2.4 livecd kernel
> and patch a source tree (2.4.22-ck2) with the Jeff Garzik libata
> drivers) which has very stable and well integrated gnome and evo builds.

If you want stability, Fedora and Gentoo aren't the right distros for you.
Both are bleeding edge distros for hobbiest who like to play with new toys
and don't mind fixing things here and there.

- Steve Tsai