[UCI-Linux] Paulo Ferreira: Funny article

Thu, 13 Nov 2003 08:10:36 -0800

> a) he's using rhl ***6*** to compare to their latest products? geez, 
> what a compliment!  (when did rhl 6 come out?)

The first patch listed on RedHat's web site for RH 6.0 was in July 1999,
so it must have come out around that time.

> b) for the windows products he has exact numbers of vulnerabilities. for
> rhl6, only a range, or estimate. why?

Dramatic effect, no doubt.

There are 34 security patches listed on RedHat's web site for RH 6.0,
spanning July 1999 to January 2001 (with one security patch released
in January 2002).  If you want to go with the 150 days scenario, there
were 9 security patches released from July 1999 thru January 2000.

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