[UCI-Linux] Paulo Ferreira: Funny article

Jeff Stern jastern@uci.edu
Thu, 13 Nov 2003 07:58:47 -0800 (PST)

On Wed, 12 Nov 2003, Dan STROMBERG wrote:
> Kind of feels like April 1st.

hah, hope so. it is rather ludicrous. besides, the only people a pr
campaign influences are the uninformed and uncritical (though this
sometimes unfortunately includes non-technical managers). and anyone
who's had experience over the last few years with both rhl and windows
knows the differences in response to security first-hand.

> I suppose they'll compare against somebody's hobby distribution - one
> whose supporter is loosing interest in the project.

you may be right, especially if redhat 6 may be considered a hobby
distribution these days :) ..  check this out:

> And at the end of October, Ballmer gave the audience at Gartner's autumn
> symposium a taster of what was to come when he attacked Linux's assumed
> security superiority. "In the first 150 days after the release of 
> Windows 2000," he said, "there were 17 critical vulnerabilities. For 
> Windows Server 2003, there were four. For Red Hat Linux 6, they were 
> five to ten times higher."

a) he's using rhl ***6*** to compare to their latest products? geez, 
what a compliment!  (when did rhl 6 come out?)

b) for the windows products he has exact numbers of vulnerabilities. for
rhl6, only a range, or estimate. why?

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