[UCI-Linux] Re: Linux Clubs at UCI

Steve Tsai stevet@uci.edu
Sun, 9 Nov 2003 23:40:32 -0800

I'd be interested in a Linux (or even a general open source/free software)
club on campus.  It would be nice to socialize with other Linux users my
age.  Most LUGs are comprised of old farts so it's harder to relate to

BTW, I strongly recommend all of you post to the uci-linux mailing list
(http://maillists.uci.edu/mailman/listinfo/uci-linux) instead of the
uci-linux newsgroup.  All postings to the mailing list are mirrored on the
newsgroup, the inverse is not true.  I check my email more often than I
check the newsgroup.

- Steve