[UCI-Linux] Tough Xserver setup questions

rlucas@NOSPAM.uci.edu rlucas@NOSPAM.uci.edu
6 Mar 2003 02:01:03 GMT

Steve Tsai <STEVET@uci.edu> wrote:
: For this, you don't need to configure the server, just the client.  For
: example, `startx -- :0` and `startx -- :1` would start 2 X sessions, each
: in their own virtual terminal.  Read up on XDM or whatever you are using
: to do the same.

Thanks for the suggestion, worked quite well!

Reading a slashdot article I found out how to modify the xdm behavior
to do this automatically:

>locate gdm.conf

Then uncomment the second (self explanatory?) line:

    0=/usr/bin/X11/X vt7
    1=/usr/bin/X11/X vt8

Haven't tested it yet, but it makes perfect sense. Still don't know if you could
have a separate XDM running on each of two monitors, but thats really more of
a curiosity at this point...