[UCI-Linux] Re: Buggy Sendmail

Dirk Groeneveld dgroenev@uci.edu
Mon, 03 Mar 2003 14:44:08 -0800

the most compelling reasing is probably that it is the default for many
distributions ... i know it is in suse, it probably is in redhat and maybe
the worst thing about that is, that sendmail, designed to process millions
of emails every second, is mostly being used to transfer one, maybe two
emails a day on desktop machines, what a waste. (what a good reason to use
gentoo ;-)

Hyunjin David Lim wrote:

> Sendmail may have been a cornerstone of early Internet e-mail, but, except
> for large institutions that already have spent thousands of man-hours
> creating the perfect sendmail.cf, it makes me wonder why anybody else even
> bothers with its buggy and dangerous code.
> Postfix... Exim... Qmail... they are much easier to configure and, in my
> opinion, are perfect drop-in replacements for it.
> Does anyone else have an opinion as to why an average user should or
> should not use this archaic program?