[UCI-Linux] Spacy Characters

Garr Updegraff garru@uci.edu
Wed, 05 Feb 2003 09:07:35 -0800

Hi Dan,

At 08:17 PM 2/4/03 -0800, you wrote:
Is everything in caps?

Larry says he can type in both upper and lower case and the letter case 
then appears correctly on the screen.

At 08:18 PM 2/4/03 -0800, Dan STROMBERG wrote:
>Or perhaps a better question: Is he using the same terminal emulator in 
>both gnome and kde?

I'll check with him, but I assume he's using the default GNOME and KDE 
terminals, but you've got a good point; maybe he's running a funky terminal 
program.  In any case, he's only seeing this behavior on his recently 
installed Redhat 8.0 computer, and not on an old Redhat 6.2 machine that he 
found in the lab from a while back.  I suggested he try running 
Xconfigurator so he can double check the keyboard settings, and he's going 
to give that a try this morning.

-- Garr