[UCI-Linux] Spacy Characters

Garr Updegraff garru@uci.edu
Tue, 04 Feb 2003 16:33:10 -0800

Hi all,

An old co-worker of mine at IBM has just started expanding from NT to Linux 
as a server for his video-server product, and he's run into an odd problem 
under both KDE and GNOME.  Whenever he types a command in a terminal 
window, his keyboard characters appear with a space between each; they're 
not doubled, like if he was using half-duplex mode, but instead there's a 
space between each letter.  Meanwhile, the command runs just fine.  He adds:

 > The spaces are only inserted in the command; results are displayed
 > with no spaces.  I checked /etc/sysconfig/keyboard.  It looks OK.
 > This problem only happens in the terminal window under X.

 > One other clue.  Its not as simple as just the command having
 > spaces between the letters.  For example if I try to type the letter "i"
 > I get "i|" and the space  (so maybe font issue?).  Also I notice that
 > no matter how fast I type the letters "fa" there will always a space
 > between them unless I try to type both letters simultaneously and
 > then there is no space between them (keyboard typematic problem?)"

Any ideas?

-- Garr