[UCI-Linux] new spam/virus hoses Evo/gtkHTML

Hyunjin David Lim hdlim@taurus.oac.uci.edu
29 Sep 2002 17:46:14 GMT

In article <mailman.1033265942.11442.uci-linux@uci.edu>,
Donald Saltarelli  <djs@uci.edu> wrote:
>There's a new spam message or virus message (haven't read it) that has a
>subject line like:
>I made $250,000 in 6 Months
>if it gets previewed in my Evolution 1.0.8 with gtkHTML, Xsun runs away
>and my system is nearly hung with 97% io wait.
>You might want to add a filter for this message: Subject contains
>"$250,000 in 6 Months". before you encounter this one.

Although it means that I have to manually parse the HTML (and frontpage HTML
is pretty ugly) I'm still glad that I use just pine and trn for my mail and
news. :)

But then, that's only for the OAC servers. I use mozilla at work... no easy
access to a linux box.