[UCI-Linux] [PR] Terra Soft Ships Black Lab v2.1 with Advanced Cluster Mngt Technologies: PRESS RELEASE 2002 09/04

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 From the mail bag, I figure this will strike the interest of some...

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>Subject: Terra Soft Ships Black Lab v2.1 with Advanced Cluster Mngt 
>Technologies: PRESS RELEASE 2002 09/04
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>Loveland, Colorado -- 4 September 2002 -- Terra Soft Solutions, Inc., the
>leading developer of integrated PowerPC Linux solutions is proud to announce
>Black Lab v2.1 for YDL, a radical departure from previous versions of Terra
>Soft's cluster management suite.
>Black Lab v2.1 is a cluster build and management suite for HPC clusters
>running Yellow Dog Linux. It offers single-click installation and
>configuration, automated updates through apt-get, a graphical user interface
>designed for both new and savvy cluster managers, control of multiple
>clusters, and for those who prefer --command line control.
>"We have completely redesigned the foundation on which Black Lab operates.
>Previous versions were based upon ssh while this release incorporates BProc
>3.0, Los Alamos National Lab technology that enables a low overhead, highly
>scalable cluster control system designed to operate with hundreds, even a
>thousand nodes," explains David Gelvin, lead Black Lab developer at Terra
>At the heart of the new Black Lab is a unique PowerPC Linux kernel with both
>BProc 3.0 and Supermon built-in. Supermon provides near-realtime "life-signs"
>from each node such as available swap, memory, and CPU load averages. More
>than two dozen parameters are immediately available from the Black Lab
>Control Center graphical user interface.
>Gelvin continues, "BProc automatically migrates applications and shared
>libraries from the server to selected nodes. This allows each node to operate
>with a minimal installation of Linux on its local drive. In fact, entire
>clusters can operate without drives local to the nodes, reducing complexity,
>power consumption, and mean time between failure."
>Black Lab enables node drive reformatting and installation in approximately
>three minutes. Administrators may modify or design their own server-side node
>images to build nodes with only the software required for the intended
>function. Node images may install a full compliment of applications and
>libraries, just local swap, or net-boot a drive-less node.
>More information about Black Lab v2.1 is available from:
>In addition, Black Lab includes an AltiVec optimized YDL version of the
>bioinformatics library "Genentech BLAST", built upon the National Center for
>Biotechnology Information (NCBI) tool suite and popularized by Apple Computer
>earlier this year.
>Finally, Black Lab includes a single-click, no configuration installation of
>the renowned Mandelbrot Fractal Set generator. Mandelbrot offers an
>aesthetically pleasing internode communication and CPU performance benchmark.
>Black Lab v2.1 is available now from the Terra Soft online Store:
>Terra Soft Solutions, Inc. is a leading developer of integrated solutions for
>PowerPC. Yellow Dog Linux, the flagship product, has boosted viability of
>Linux on PowerPC microprocessors with support for Apple Xserve, GVS 9000, the
>briQ, and other PowerPC-based desktop, embedded, and HPC computers. Black Lab
>is an HPC cluster node buildand management suite.
>For more information, visit http://www.terrasoftsolutions.com/