[UCI-Linux] Re: problem with hwclock

Tue, 08 Oct 2002 20:48:09 -0700

You ought to use NTP to keep your clock tickin' right.  Install ntp
from the rpm if you don't have it already installed.  Setup
/etc/ntp.conf with:

restrict default ignore
restrict mask nomodify notrap noquery
restrict mask nomodify notrap noquery
driftfile /etc/ntp/drift

(Some of this is already in the RedHat ntp.conf)

start ntpd.  You can also put the two IP addresses in /etc/ntp/step-tickers
and it will sync your clock on bootup, and then run ntpd.

This will only work on campus.  YOu might have to make adjustments to your
ipchains config since by default it blocks the port ntpd uses (udp 123).

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