[UCI-Linux] Re: Redhat 7.3 anyone ?

Hyunjin David Lim hdlim@taurus.oac.uci.edu
13 May 2002 11:00:27 GMT

In article <m31ychrpc3.fsf@agni.ics.uci.edu>,
Gupta  <gupg@hotmail.com.NOSPAM> wrote:
>Has anyone installed 7.3 yet ?  I tried using the ftp server at
>UCI and two times it just froze after selecting packages etc.
>Has anyone done it successfully ?
>Also, what is the best way to do this - ftp or nfs ?  Does UCI's
>mirror have a NFS server on it ?  How do I connect to it ?

... read Seth's post on an NFS mount.

If your server is really quick, then you can probably stick with FTP.

On the other hand, if your server is really slow, then it seems easier to
use NFS since ftp seems to timeout at the most unfortunate times. I seem to
have more luck with NFS on slower computers than with FTP.

Feeling lost on what the mountpoint should be? Try:

/usr/sbin/showmount -e ftp.uci.edu

and you can figure out the rest.

Happy Trails,

 - MnE/DoD fan