[UCI-Linux] Tough Xserver setup questions

Steve Tsai STEVET@uci.edu
Fri, 20 Dec 2002 01:43:33 -0800

On Thu 19 Dec 2002, schitzo@nospam.rgiskard.bio.uci.edu wrote:
> I've been wondering how to setup Xfree to do a couple of interesting
> things...
> One thing I'd like to do is to get muliple seperate instances of Xwindows
> running simultaneously. For instance one running on virtual terminal
> 6 and one running on 7, both with XDM (or whatever) so that any user can
> log into one and xlock it while leaving the other server available
> for other people. Ideally I'd use vmware (or maybe wine) to have a third
> virtual terminal running some windows variant...

For this, you don't need to configure the server, just the client.  For
example, `startx -- :0` and `startx -- :1` would start 2 X sessions, each
in their own virtual terminal.  Read up on XDM or whatever you are using
to do the same.

> On a related note, is there anyway to get different Xwindows processes
> running on each monitor of a dual head system?

For this, you will have to configure the server.  Read up on XFree86
configuration.  What you'll need is multiple Device, Monitor, Screen, and
Layout sectons.  Each set for each video card/monitor you are using.
Then setup your client to start X with one Layout on a virtual terminal,
and then start another X with the other Layout on another virtual
terminal.  You will not need Xinerama for this since you want a different
X sesson for each display.  But if you later decide to want a single X
sesson span across the two monitors, take a look at Xinerama.

> Any ideas?
> Robert
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Steve Tsai