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Interview with 
Dr. Gregory Weiss

About the Speaker

Dr. Gregory Weiss, PhD 
Dr. Gregory Weiss is an associate professor in the Departments of
Chemistry, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry at UC Irvine. A
Californian who grew up in Palos Verdes, Dr. Weiss attended UC Berkeley
as an undergraduate. He moved East for graduate school, attending
Harvard University and graduating with a Ph.D. in chemistry and chemical
biology in 1997.
His experience with industry includes post-doctoral training at
Genentech, where he worked on dissecting interactions between human
growth hormone and its receptor.  Currently he collaborates with 
Molecular Express, Inc. <http://www.molecularexpress.com>  on the
development of electrochemical sensors. 

Dr. Weiss moved to UC Irvine in 2000, where his laboratory uses viruses
to decipher general rules about biological processes and pioneers new
anti-viral methods. The recipient of numerous awards, he is most proud
to have been named the 2008 Outstanding Professor in the School of
Physical Sciences at UC Irvine by the graduating senior class. He
currently leads the Weiss Laboratory at UCI that includes 14
post-doctoral fellows, graduate and undergraduate students (
http://www.chem.uci.edu/~gweiss/ <http://www.chem.uci.edu/%7Egweiss/> ).

New projects in his lab include wiring viruses into electronic circuits
and directly watching single molecules with molecular electronics.

Friday, April 23, 2010 
11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. 
Calit2 Room 3008 (Calit2 map <http://octane.uci.edu/pdfs/map_calit2.pdf>



FREE to UC faculty, researchers, students and staff. 
General Public: Free of charge 

The Entrepreneurs Forum at UC Irvine provides an intimate and
informative setting for faculty, researchers, students and staff who are
interested in the entrepreneurial process. This forum features speakers
who will share their experiences and advice on starting companies. 

The audience will have the opportunity to actively participate in a
spirited Q&A session with each speaker.

11:30 a.m.   Registration & Networking
 noon           Program
12:50 p.m.   Q&As

Due to budget reductions, lunch will not be served. Please bring your
own lunch and beverage, if you would like to eat before or during the

If you have questions please call: 

Tanya Zabalegui 
tanyaz at uci.edu
(949) 824-3425 





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