[UCI-Calit2] Call for Project Proposals for Summer Undergraduate Research Program

Stuart Ross stuross at calit2.uci.edu
Wed Feb 25 14:23:30 PST 2009

To Calit2-Affiliated Faculty:
February 24, 2009


This summer Calit2 will again offer faculty members an opportunity to
have undergraduate researchers in mentored projects.  The projects may
be research or creative activities in any discipline, but they should
have a substantial IT component.  Projects on the use of IT for energy
and the environment, health care, or education are especially
encouraged.  Information about previous SURF-IT projects may be found on
the UROP web site and on posters in the Calit2 building.


The SURF-IT program (Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships in
Information Technologies) will award as many as 10 UCI students a $3,500
stipend for 10 weeks of work under the guidance of UCI faculty members.
As in past years, the students will be expected to put in a full-time
effort.  The program will be administered in collaboration with the
Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP); the UROP web site
has already posted a general announcement of the program for 2009. 


I invite you to submit proposals for projects that can productively
engage undergraduates and for which you are willing to spend time on
mentoring.  In the past most proposals have been accepted for
presentation to the students, although a few did not fit the program
criteria.  Each proposal should contain the following:


a)     Project Title

b)     Project Description:  A one-to-two paragraph summary of the
research questions being addressed or the goals of the creative
activity.  The project should involve a substantial IT component, and
preference will be given to interdisciplinary projects.  The SURF-IT
program only provides the undergraduate salary, so the proposed work
should be part of a larger effort for which you can provide any other
needed expenses. 

c)      Student's Research-Related Duties and Expected Outcomes:  Please
indicate the kinds of activities intended for the student and the
expected outcomes, and specific skills that the undergraduate will
develop as a result of this involvement.  

d)     Student Eligibility:  Please specify your preferences or
requirements for the student's prior coursework or special skills.  The
program targets students who have junior or senior standing, but that is
not a strict requirement.  We will not impose any minimum GPA standard,
although GPA will be a factor in the selection process.  

e)      Recommended Readings & Publications:  Please provide a list of
publications or reference material students may review to learn more
about the topic and the proposed activities.


Please submit your project proposals by Tuesday, March 10 to Stuart
Ross, Assistant Director for Research Development, by e-mail:
stuross at calit2.uci.edu <mailto:stuross at calit2.uci.edu> .  He may also be
contacted at 824-9602.


Additional information about the SURF-IT program is attached, concerning
the process for selecting projects and student participants.  Thank you
again for all of your efforts and support.  Feel free to contact me or
Stuart if you have further questions about the SURF-IT program.



G.P. Li

Director, Calit2 UCI Division


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