[UCI-Calit2] Upcoming Event: Roll-to-Roll Printed RFID Tags

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Mon Jul 14 11:12:33 PDT 2008

Title: Roll-to-Roll Printed 13.56 MHz RFID Tags


Speaker: Gyoujin Cho, Sunchon National University, Korea   


Time: 11 a.m.


Date: Wednesday, July 16


Location: Calit2 Building, Room 3008


Abstract: Roll-to-roll (R2R) printed electronics can become a viable
pathway toward the mass production of ultra-low cost RFID tags for
item-level tracking of consumer goods. However, production of
R2R-printed RFID tags has not been successful yet due to three major
obstacles. The most critical is the lack of an R2R printable rectifier
to provide DC 10 V @ 13.56 MHz. Second, thin film transistors (TFTs)
with the switching speed of more than 100 Hz under 10 V DC power are not
roll-to-roll printable yet. Third, the overlay registration accuracy of
R2R printers is not yet comparable to that of current photolithographic
process. Cho will discuss the most practical solutions to those
obstacles based on novel materials, and will demonstrate the world's
first R2R printable 13.56 MHz operated 1-bit RFID tags. He will also
present roll-to-roll printed 4-bit Mux.


Bio: Cho received his Ph. D from The University of Oklahoma, Norman in

In 1996, he joined the faculty at the School of Applied Materials at
Sunchon National University in Korea, where he worked on polymer
formulation. Since 2002, he has focused his research on printed
electronics and has successfully demonstrated a printed ring oscillator,
rectifier and non-volatile memory cell using his own designed materials.
Recently, he has been the chair of the Regional Innovation Center (RIC),
where he oversees the development of printed electronics and leads a
research consortium for developing R2R printed RFID tags.


Faculty sponsor: Peter Burke



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