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Dear Dr. Calotychos,

We are pleased to announce the recently published title “*Tasos Leivaditis'
Triptych"* edited and translated by N.N. Trakakis and would like to send
information to the members of the Modern Greek Studies Association (USA) about
the recently published title.

An information sheet for this book can be found *here
<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://anthempress.com/media/pdf/9781785278822.pdf__;!!CzAuKJ42GuquVTTmVmPViYEvSg!Lq20UlQHH8-FKb8xftKWHP0yXrcM86SrVjsJ2LCcs09I4j1-o-reXu-hQ3GvIcm24xZ3JKO-ppiK4iA$ >*.
<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://anthempress.com/media/pdf/9781785278822.pdf__;!!CzAuKJ42GuquVTTmVmPViYEvSg!Lq20UlQHH8-FKb8xftKWHP0yXrcM86SrVjsJ2LCcs09I4j1-o-reXu-hQ3GvIcm24xZ3JKO-ppiK4iA$ >

For more information on this book please check the bottom of this email, or
visit the book’s webpage here
<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://anthempress.com/tasos-leivaditis-triptych-pb__;!!CzAuKJ42GuquVTTmVmPViYEvSg!Lq20UlQHH8-FKb8xftKWHP0yXrcM86SrVjsJ2LCcs09I4j1-o-reXu-hQ3GvIcm24xZ3JKO-Ywois0Q$ >.

We would be grateful if you could circulate this message to the members of
your association.



Marketing Team

Anthem Press

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Book Summary - Tasos Leivaditis made his stunning literary debut in 1952-53
with three poetry books, counteracting the violence and oppression of his
times with the values of eros and solidarity, freedom, and justice.

Advance Praise for Tasos Leivaditis' Triptych,

‘Tasos Leivaditis poetically dwells in the indeterminate and interstitial
space in which the cruel traumas of history are transformed into an
imaginatively sublime meditation on human interiority and its existential
destiny. More than the work of his compatriot Yannis Ritsos, or many other
European poets of his postwar generation, Leivaditis’ poetry glorifies the
marginal, the insignificant, and the ordinary that has been crushed by
injustice and abuse of power and restores them to their pristine
completeness and formal harmony. His three early works which we read in the
superb translation by Dr. Nick Trakakis, a poet of great merit and
distinction himself, delineate the great dilemmas of conscience that marked
the postwar European experience. The Triptych poems pave the way for
Leivaditis’ restorative catharsis that will be accomplished by his later
poetry, some of which has already been translated by Dr.
Trakakis.’—Vrasidas Karalis, Sir Nicholas Laurantus Professor of Modern
Greek, University of Sydney, Australia

Due to their very high quality, the translations will make an outstanding
contribution to the discipline. Based on my extensive knowledge of
Leivaditis’ output in the Greek original, I can confirm that Trakakis’
English version conveys the depth and complexity of this poetry. The
translations are comparable to other high-quality scholarly translations of
major Greek poets like Ritsos, Seferis, and Elytis, who are internationally
recognized. Leivaditis is a major postwar Greek and European poet and his
works capture, in an exemplary poetic manner, significant aspects of the
historical experience of these times. The present Triptych will therefore
fill a huge gap in the discipline and will undoubtedly generate a lot of
interest, not only among researchers and scholars in the field but also
among students of Greek literature at various levels and the wider Hellenic
admiring public who currently have no other access to this rich
material.’—George Vassilacopoulos, Adjunct Senior Lecturer in Philosophy,
Department of Politics Media and Philosophy, La Trobe University, Australia

About the Author:

Tasos Leivaditis (1922-88) was born and raised in Athens, where he worked
as a literary critic while also producing a rich poetic oeuvre that would
win him both critical and popular renown in Greece. His involvement as a
youth in leftist politics led to his imprisonment for more than three
years. Soon after his release in 1951, he made his poetic debut, and he
went on to publish over twenty volumes of poetry as well as a collection of
short stories, securing along the way Greece’s highest honor in poetry (the
State Poetry Prize, in 1979).


N.N. Trakakis is Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at the Australian Catholic
University. He also writes, edits, and translates poetry. His previous
translations of Leivaditis’ work include The Blind Man with the Lamp
(Denise Harvey Publications, 2014) and Violets for a Season (Red Dragonfly
Press, 2017).
About Anthem Press - Anthem Press is a leading independent publisher of
innovative academic research, educational material, and reference works in
established and emerging fields
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