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Dear list members, 

I would like to draw your attention to the following publication:
Kallimopoulou, E. - A. Τheodosiou (eds). Music Communities in 21st-century Greece: Sonic Glances in the Field.Athens: Pedio
A. Θεοδοσίου- Ε. Καλλιμοπούλου (επιμ.) (2020). Μουσικές κοινότητες στην Ελλάδα του 21ου αιώνα: Εθνογραφικές ματιές και ακροάσεις. Αθήνα: Πεδίο
How do female lamenters on Chios participate in the process of mourning while also achieving women’s solidarity? What makes the voice of a Trabzon singer evoke both a “genuine” Pontian voice and the sonic incarnation of the Kemalist state among Pontian musicians of Thessaloniki? Is the Pentecostal liturgy of the Nigerian community of Athens a manifestation of immigrant vulnerability, or of a global community celebrating faith and belonging? How do DJs in the electronic dance scene of Psyrri, Athens, experience the fantasy of “cosmopolitan life” and emotional fulfilment in the dystopian neoliberal environment of the Greek crisis? Through which alternative narratives and performances of femininity do Greek female punks claim visibility and respect? How are the participatory cultures of the Greek anime fan community formed in the context of modern liberalism and unpaid digital labour?
Music Communities in 21st-century Greece: Sonic Glances in the Field, edited by Eleni Kallimopoulou and Aspasia (Sissie) Theodosiou and published by Pedio (2020) in Greek, surveys Greek musicking in the 21st century through a diverse collection of ethnographic case studies. The volume’s 15 chapters flesh out the musical fields, research tools, and indeed the “new” musical ontologies and epistemologies that today’s music ethnographers employ and bring out in their research. Beyond the ethnographic/research community itself, the volume looks for musical “communities” and the multiple subjectivities that they bear – whether in their institutional or informal, affective or narrative, local, supra-local or intra-local forms. It thus tests the analytical value of the “community” concept, in view also of its broad fluidity in contemporary public and academic discourse.

Authors: Mitsi Akoyunoglou, Eleni Kallimopoulou, Daniel Koglin, Yannis N. Kolovos, Aggeliki Koufou, Natalia Koutsougera, Leandros Kyriakopoulos, Giorgos Manouselis, Nikos Michailidis, Anna Papaeti, Evanthia Patsiaoura, Petros Petridis, Nick Poulakis, Vasiliki Syrakouli, Aspasia (Sissie) Theodosiou, Ioannis Tsekouras, Georgia Vava
https://bit.ly/2Mxq1cn <https://bit.ly/2Mxq1cn>  
Aspasia (Sissie) Theodosiou, MA, PhD (University of Manchester)
Social Anthropologist
Department of Music Studies
University of Ioannina

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