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Καινούργιος Ουρανός - Newborn Sky
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The ′′ New Sky ′′ is a feature-length documentary in progress that aims to
explore an important period, between 1945 and 1949, through the thought of
women who fought with the Democratic Army of Greece. This is an
investigation of historical events captured in the film lens through oral
Recording the star s' experiences through the ′′ live ′′ narrative in front
of the camera we consider to be a case that concerns us all, as unknown
information emerges about the modern history of our country. For this
recording we have not rely on financing official entities, instead it is a
purely self-funded production so far. Nowadays we consider that such
documentaries open the door of dialogue between yesterday and today,
present and future. Approaching historical events from their core (in this
case the CSO fighters themselves), we consider operating supportively in
their study, as well as information is given to the public in a more
accessible form.
Filming so far
Filming for the interviews began in May 2019 and during this time, having
collected over 15 testimonies, are slowly coming to an end. For the needs
of filming, a small group of the COLLECTIVE MEMORY travelled to the
following cities in Greece and abroad:
Thessaloniki (2 trips)
The loose ends to complete phase one
In order to complete the first phase of the documentary, a trip to the
Grammos mountains needs to be made to record footage from the area, as well
as another interview in Northern Greece. By completing these loose ends we
will be able to move on to the second phase of the documentary, the final
editing, as well as the other actions needed and analyzed below.
Financial support
As mentioned above, this is a self-funded documentary that we have set out
to complete and screen at Greek and foreign festivals, cinemas,
municipalities, hangouts and social venues. We therefore request your
assistance to cover a portion of the expenses incurred and to cover post
production costs that are about to be made. In particular, the amount
raised will cover the following expenses:
- Montage by a professional fashionable
- Mixing and sound design by a professional
-Color correction
- Convert to appropriate file for festival views (DCP)
- Translation and subtitling expenses (originally in English, may also be
in others if necessary)
- Communication and promotion campaign (posters, website, other graphic
designer forms)
- Participation in Greek and foreign festivals
- Travel expenses
- Other expenses (books, hard drives for back up and editing)
Why trust us
The director of the documentary ′′ New Sky ", Giannis Xydas, counts another
film of this kind, the ′′ Partisans of Athens ", who participated in the
20th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival. This documentary was screened in a
variety of areas, distracting among others the first praise for the
excellent use of archive material, tightened editing and preserving
historical memory at the 1th Young Creators Documentary Festival organized
by the Hellenic Directors Society, as well as the Audience Favourite award
at the 7th ′′ Workers Unite! Film Festival ′′ in New York.
Furthermore, the COLLECTIVE MEMORY team consists of a non-stable core of
people, professionals and amateurs, who are interesting in both history and
its emergence through a remarkable artistic result. With almost nonexistent
resources, but confident that stories like these should be told and not
left in the ′′ drawer ′′ for economic reasons.
As happened to Partisans, after completing a viewing cycle the documentary
will be available freely online. Your help will be a driving force to
continue trying to record history ′′ from the bottom ". Finally, since
someone can't contribute financially, you can help us by sharing and / or
sending friends the invitation to financial support so that Spreading.
On the page we created you will find various financial support options (via
paypal or bank account deposit) in order to reach the goal of € 10.000 to
cover the costs:
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June Samaras
(For Books about Greece)
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E-mail : kalamosbooks at gmail.com

June Samaras
2020 Old Station Rd
Canada L5M 2V1
Tel : 905-542-1877
E-mail : june.samaras at gmail.com
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