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Subject: New book and book launch: Colonial and Postcolonial Cyprus

My name is Daniele Nunziata and I have recently published my first book, Colonial and Postcolonial Cyprus: Transportal Literatures of Empire, Nationalism, and Sectarianism, with Palgrave Macmillan.
My colleague, Dr Eleni Philippou, has recommended that I message to see if news about the book and its forthcoming launch could be added to the MGSA mailing list and/or website? Dr Philippou will be my discussant for a virtual book launch onMonday February 8th at 13:00 UK time, hosted by the Oxford Comparative Criticism and Translation group.
Information about the launch is on the OCCT website (including the link to register for free): https://www.occt.ox.ac.uk/discussion-group-book-launch-colonial-and-postcolonial-cyprus.
The publisher website is here: https://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-3-030-58236-4.
Synopsis: This book analyses colonial and postcolonial writing about Cyprus, before and after its independence from the British Empire in 1960. These works are understood as ‘transportal literatures’ in that they navigate the liminal and layered forms of colonialism which impede the freedom of the island, including the residues of British imperialism, the impact of Greek and Turkish nationalisms, and the ethnolinguistic border between north and south. This study puts pressure on the postcolonial discipline by evaluating the unique hegemonic relationship Cyprus has with three metropolitan centres, not one. The print languages associated with each centre (English, Greek, and Turkish) are complicit in neo-colonial activity. Contemporary Cypriot writers address this in order to resist sectarian division and grapple with their deferred postcoloniality.

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