[MGSA-L] John O. Iatrides Best Dissertation Prize in Modern Greek Studies: Call for submissions!

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Dear MGSA faculty members,

At the end of another semester, please take a moment to think back over the
last three years and recall your graduate advisees and your department's
Ph.D graduates. If they have completed a promising dissertation on any
aspect of the field of modern Greek studies between 2019 and the upcoming
deadline (in April 2022), please encourage them to electronically submit
their work to the John O. Iatrides Best Dissertation Prize. Guidelines

The John O. Iatrides Best Dissertation Prize is awarded on a biennial
schedule for the best English-language dissertation on a Greek subject. The
next prize will be awarded at the 2022 MGSA Symposium.
<https://mgsasymposium.org/> The 2022 prize competition covers
dissertations completed since the April 2019 deadline. All disciplines of
the Humanities and Social Sciences compete together. Eligible for
competition are dissertations completed at a North American institution,
with English as a primary language and the post-Byzantine Greek world –
including Greek diasporas – as a primary subject. In order to qualify for
the competition, applicants must be current members of the Association when
they submit their dissertations.


Submissions of complete dissertations are accepted in electronic form only
(pdf format).

Applicants also include the following information: the year of the
dissertation’s acceptance and the names of the dissertation committee
members and supervisor (the Dissertation Prize Committee excludes any
dissertation supervisors or committee members of the applicants).

Prize: $1000.00 and one year membership in the MGSA; $500 toward travel
expenses to attend the Symposium..

Faculty members in Modern Greek Studies are hereby asked to encourage their
doctoral students to submit their completed dissertations.

mgsa.org at gmail.com
<mgsa.org at gmail.com?subject=Best%20Dissertation%20Prize%20Submission>

Please send submissions by 1 April 2022.

About John Iatrides

John O. Iatrides was born in Thessaloniki and was educated in Greece, the
Netherlands and the United States (Ph.D. international politics, Clark
University, 1962). He served with the Hellenic National Defense General
Staff as NATO liaison officer (1955-56) and the prime minister’s press
office (1956-58). He taught courses on contemporary Greek politics at
Harvard, Yale, Princeton, New York universities and the University of the
Aegean and is Connecticut State University Professor Emeritus in Political
Science. During 1980-2004 he served as executive director of the Modern
Greek Studies Association and editor of the *MGSA Bulletin*.

His publications include *Balkan Triangle. Birth and Decline of an Alliance
Across Ideological Boundaries *(1968), *Revolt in Athens. The Greek
Communist ‘Second Round,’ 1944-1945 *(1972), *Ambassador MacVeagh Reports,
Greece 1933-1947 *(1980) and numerous essays on the Greek wartime
resistance,  civil war and US-Greek relations. He is co-author and editor
of *Greek-American Relations: A Critical Review *(1980), *Greece in the
1940s. A Nation in Crisis *(1981), *Studies in the History of the Greek
Civil War *(1987), *Greece at the Crossroads. The Civil War and its
Aftermath *(1995), and *The Aegean Sea after the Cold War. Security and Law
of the Sea Issues *(2000).

He and his wife Nancy make their home in Cheshire, CT.


Vangelis Calotychos
MGSA Executive Director
Visiting Associate Professor of Comparative Literature, Brown University
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