[MGSA-L] Princeton Hellenic Studies Postdoctoral Research Fellowships, 2022-23

Dimitri H. Gondicas gondicas at princeton.edu
Thu Dec 2 09:38:11 PST 2021

Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies

Dear colleagues,

Please help us circulate - and kindly bring to the attention of qualified candidates - the announcement of our postdoctoral research fellowships, 2022-23:


Over one hundred and forty (140) early-career scholars have been supported by our postdoctoral fellowships since the inception of this program in academic year 1992-93.  The overwhelming majority of our postdoctoral fellows have gone on to successful academic careers around the world.

Current and former recipients are listed in: https://hellenic.princeton.edu/people/fellows-visitors/postdoctoral-research-fellows

Publications by former Hellenic Studies postdoctoral fellows, based on their research at Princeton:  https://hellenic.princeton.edu/research/publications

Many thanks in advance,

Dimitri Gondicas

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