[MGSA-L] Event / Acquisition of G.H. Blanken's Cavafy archive by the University of Amsterdam

Boletsi, M. M.Boletsi at hum.leidenuniv.nl
Fri Sep 18 14:49:55 PDT 2020

 G.H. Blanken’s Cavafy archive
Celebratory event on the occasion of the acquisition of G.H. Blanken’s Cavafy archive by the University of Amsterdam

On September 25, 2020, the Special Collections of the University of Amsterdam in collaboration with the Marilena Laskaridis Chair of Modern Greek Studies are organizing an event to celebrate the acquisition of the Cavafy archive of Prof. Gerard Henrik Blanken (1902-1986), the first professor of Byzantine and Modern Greek at the University of Amsterdam from 1954 to 1972.
G.H. Blanken introduced C.P. Cavafy to the Dutch letters and was the first to translate Cavafy in Dutch. His translation of selected poems by Cavafy in 1934 was the first edition of Cavafy’s poems internationally. Blanken kept working on his translations of Cavafy throughout his life. His rich Cavafy archive includes, among many other valuable items, a collection of Cavafy’s  feuilles volantes: the hand-made editions of his poems that Cavafy circulated to a select group of people.
Blanken’s archive is donated to the University of Amsterdam by his daughter, Marijke Schuurink-Blanken, who will sign the act of the archive’s transfer to the university during this event. Prof. Maria Boletsi and prof. Arnold van Gemert (professor Emeritus of Byzantine and Modern Greek studies) will give short talks and a few special items from the archive will shown.  The event will be partly in Dutch and partly in English, to make information about this acquisition available to non-Dutch-speaking audiences too.
The event will take place at the Allard Pierson / Special Collections building of the University of Amsterdam from 15:30 to 16:15. Due to strict covid-19 regulations, only a very small group of people will be present, but the event will be filmed and become publicly available online.
If you are interested in attending the event through livestreaming, please register through this link and you will receive the livestream link in the course of next week:

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