[MGSA-L] Seeking fourth paper for panel session at MLA International Symposium, 17-19 June 2021

Soumakis, Fevronia fks2102 at tc.columbia.edu
Thu Sep 10 08:42:40 PDT 2020

Dear Colleagues,

We are seeking a fourth paper for a panel session on the theme of “Being
Hospitable: Languages and Cultures Across Borders” for the Modern Language
Association International Symposium (https://symposium.mla.org) to be held
in Glasgow, Scotland from 17-19 June 2021.

This panel will focus on the concept of hospitality and the ongoing refugee
and migration crisis by way of Classical and Modern Greek Studies. One
panelist will address the theme of hospitality with reference to the
ancient Greek concept of *xenia *(guest-friendship), so central in epic and
tragedy. In her paper she will seek to activate connections between
narratives derived from these two ancient genres and the current Greek
migration crisis. Another panelist proposes to examine the pedagogical
significance of teaching about notions of hospitality and forced
displacement through Modern Greek literature. A third panelist will explore
the ways in which the global refugee crisis can be utilized in the teaching
of Modern Greek language in the classroom. We seek a fourth panelist who
will complement these perspectives.

Interested parties should reach out to Dr. Anastasia Bakogianni,
A.Bakogianni at massey.ac.nz, no later than September 17. Submissions are due
on 30 September 2020.

Thank you for your consideration.

Warmest regards,

Anastasia Bakogianni, Lecturer, Massey University, University of New Zealand

Fevronia K. Soumakis, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Queens College, CUNY

Maria Athansopoulou, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Queens College, CUNY

*Contact Info:*

Dr. Anastasia Bakogianni, A.Bakogianni at massey.ac.nz
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