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MGSA Fund for Innovative InitiativesBiannual Submission Deadlines: October
1, April 1

This fund, for innovative initiatives in Modern Greek Studies, provides
monetary support to institutions of higher learning and other professional
organizations to support conferences, workshops, and other activities that
promote Modern Greek Studies (including those of the Greek diaspora).
Granted on a competitive basis, up to five grants will be awarded per
academic year. Individual awards will range from $500 to $1,000. An
institution may receive an award once every three years. Applications for
support of individual activities will not be accepted.

Applicants should submit a brief proposal outlining their project in as
much detail as possible (approximately 3 pages), including a project
overview, a timeline for the project, and anticipated benefits to the field
of Modern Greek Studies. Applications may also include a list of topics and
speakers and evaluation forms to be completed by participants, if
applicable. To apply, applicants must be current members of the
Association. Applications should be submitted electronically to Vangelis
<mgsa.org at gmail.com?subject=MGSA%20Fund%20for%20Innovative%20Initiatives>
Director of the Modern Greek Studies Association.

Award recipients must mention the MGSA’s co-sponsorship of the event on all
publications related to the event, including emails promoting and reporting
on the event. Award recipients must list the MGSA as a co-sponsor of the
event as well as of any future project(s) that ensue from the activity.
Upon completion of the activity, organizers must also submit a brief report
to the Executive Director of the Association. The report may be
disseminated to the membership of the Association electronically as well as
through the *MGSA Bulletin*.
The Selection Process

Following each submission deadline, the Executive Director of the
Association sends all funding requests to the members of the selection
committee for evaluation. The criteria used in making this evaluation

   - innovation of activity
   - appropriateness of institutional venue
   - impact and importance of project
   - anticipated contribution made to the field of Modern Greek Studies

Up to three awards may be granted in the fall application cycle. The number
of awards granted in the fall will determine the numbers of awards that are
available in the spring. If three awards are granted in the fall, then as
many as two awards may be granted in the spring. If two or fewer awards are
granted in the fall, then as many as three awards may be granted in the
spring cycle. Once decisions have been made, the chair announces the
winners of the competition to the MGSA Executive Director and to the
members of the Selection Committee. All applicants are notified in writing
by the chair of the committee.
The Selection Committee

The selection committee is comprised of three voting members who serve a
three-year term. Committee membership is limited to two consecutive
three-year terms. A new chair must be appointed every three years. The
three members of the committee must reflect the diversity of the MGSA in
terms of gender, academic standing, and academic interests. The chair of
the committee must be a member of the MGSA Executive Board. The other two
members must be current members of the Association but not of the MGSA
Executive Board. The committee is appointed by the chair following the
first meeting of a new Executive Board in the fall and assumes its duties
on January 1 of the following year. It continues to serve for three
calendar years. In cases when a member of the committee has conflict of
interest, a temporary member will be appointed to the committee for the
voting cycle in question.

Vangelis Calotychos
MGSA Executive Director
Visiting Associate Professor of Comparative Literature, Brown University
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