[MGSA-L] New book: The Greek Connection: Elias Demetracopoulos and the Untold Story of Watergate, by James H. Barron

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James Barron <barron at barronaw.com> announces his new book “The Greek Connection:Elias Demetracopoulos and the Untold Story of Watergate.” TheGreekConnectionBook.com   
He writes: 

"The biography is a non-fiction political thriller-- a sagaabout an audacious Greek freedom fighter, relentless democracy champion andexemplar of philotimo. 

The book is receiving some great praise from such respectedreviewers as Doris Kearns Goodwin, Seymour  Hersh and Alexander Kitroeff.  

Because my national book tour and relatedpromotional events have been cancelled, book reviews, word of mouthand social media are more important than ever.  

I’m especially interested in identifyingacademics, in the US and abroad, who might consider using“The Greek Connection” in their courses in Modern Greek Studies and inother departments.  I would greatly appreciate any informationand advice you can provide regarding individuals and organizations tocontact." 
This is from part of the book’sannouncement: 
"This is a magnificent work, a triumphantcombination of exhaustive research and fine narrative writing."—DorisKearns Goodwin, author of Leadership: In Turbulent Times

One of the most fascinating figures in20th-century political history,  Elias Demetracopoulos’s life reads likean epic adventure story ...

As a precocious twelve-year-old in occupiedAthens, he engaged in heroic resistance efforts against the Nazis, for which hewas imprisoned and tortured. After his life was miraculously spared, he becamean investigative journalist, covering Greece's tumultuous politics andAmerica's increasing influence in the region. A clever and scoop-hungryreporter, Elias soon gained access to powerful figures in both governments . .. and attracted many enemies. When the Greek military dictatorship took powerin 1967, he narrowly escaped to Washington DC, where he would lead the fight torestore democracy in his homeland--while running afoul of the Americangovernment, too. 
Now, after a decade of research and originalreporting, James H. Barron uncovers the story of a man whose tireless pursuitof uncomfortable truths would put him at odds with not only his own government,but that of the Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter andReagan administrations, making him a target of CIA, FBI, and State Departmentsurveillance and harassment--and Greek kidnapping and assassination plotsAmerican authorities may have purposefully overlooked.
The book hasbeen described as “a lens through which we can see 20th century in a newlight,” adding significantly to our understanding of the impact of diasporaGreeks on US history. 

A stunning feat of biographic storytelling,sweeping from World War II to the Cold War, Watergate and beyond, "TheGreek Connection”  is about a lifetime of standing up for democracy and afree press against powerful special interests. It has much to teach us aboutour own era's abuses of power, dark money, journalist intimidation, and foreigninterference in elections.

James H. Barron
Newton, MA, USA
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